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Winning Color - On Stage and Off!


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You've worked hard to get your body where it is and It's time to show it off! Don't let a hastily applied, sloppy tan hide all of that work! 

Stage color is an extremely important aspect of your overall package. Truly, if it comes down to a close call between you and another competitor, if your tan is poorly applied and distracting, it will make it easier to look at the other competitor.

That's why it's critical to use a competition tanning service that has the experience and skill necessary to send you out on stage with the best possible color you can have on the big day.

Alaska Stage Color uses only the best competition airbrush solution available - Jan Tana On Stage High Definition in order to ensure you the most even, streak free and appealing skin tone possible.

Our technicians are selected based on not only their skill with an air brush but, more importantly, their desire to give you the best possible service and their understanding of how important it will be to you, the competitor, to be satisfied with the results.

To book your appointment with Alaska Stage Color for your next event, select the event from the menu and complete the information on the form.  A technician will be in touch with you as soon as possible to schedule your tanning times.  

Be sure to read the article "Prepping for the Perfect Airbrush Tan" to ensure your skin ready to receive our high quality skin color solution.

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